UK's Which Advertising Rate Card 24

The most comprehensive advertising reference App/book in Britain for booking print advertising space, placing classified ads, submitting articles to editor/s and planning strategic marketing campaigns through newspapers and magazines across the UK.

A must have for a wide sector of professionals across many industries, notably marketing, advertising, media, PR, publishing, communications, 

Available November 2023

The Lost Book of Michel de Nostradamus

An untouched version by the Vatican. This book was discovered after 150 years when the book was found under a different name and author. The book was part of donation that was left by a Cardinal in the 1800’s appointed by the Pope to run Maltese church. The Cardinal left his private library at the Vatican in his will to be donated to The Maltese Archives and Maltese library in order to start them off. 

Available January 2024


Maltese Traditional Recipe's
The 'Maltese Traditional Recipes' book, fun and easy to make recipes. Offering 80+ comforting and enjoyable one-pot dishes full of your favorite Maltese appetizers, soups, meats, fish, casserole's, desserts, bread and superfood vegetables and aromatic herbs and spices that are simple and easy to cook. Whether you need a quick weeknight supper or fancy a taste of some delicious Maltese cuisine, and if you're looking for clean eating recipes that are not too complicated and are budget-friendly - this cookbook is for you.

Available June 2022
Carnivals Festivals Around the World
A true carnival celebration unlike anywhere else in the world. It has brought together representatives from Carnival organizations in over 50 countries from four continentals showing off there masquerade carnival festivals in hundreds of black & white and color photos.

Available March 2023