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UK's Which Advertising Rate Card?

The Advertising & Marketing Guide-App/Book

UK's Which Advertising Rate Card? 2023/24, the complete and most comprehensive advertising reference App/book in Britain for booking print advertising space, placing classified ads, submitting articles to editor/s and planning strategic marketing campaigns through newspapers and magazines across the UK.

A must have for a wide sector of professionals across many industries, notably marketing, advertising, media, PR, publishing, communications, HR and journalism.  It’s an invaluable source of industry information used regularly by advertising & marketing managers, researchers, business owners, freelance writers and students at colleges and universities. 


This App/book is also very useful for overseas businesses selling to the UK, helps find the right publication/s to suite with their brands/products promoting across the UK,  or in any particular location/s, city/s, borough/s or region/s covering required.

With over 600 newspapers and 600 magazines inside. Browsing through over 1,200 advertising booking rate cards to choose from. Featuring daily's, evening's, sunday's, weekly's, bi-weekly's, monthly's, bi-monthly's, quarterly's, half-annually and annually print periodicals from all over England, N. Ireland, Scotland, Wales,  Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Jersey & Guernsey. 

Includes British In-flight magazines and 1st Division Premiership football clubs magazine advertising rate cards/contacts/details.

All newspapers and magazines in this book are all British based, although few are foreign-based in the UK.

Find out about;

  • Newspapers & magazines, including their supplements

  • Publishing issuing dates

  • Distribution & sales locations 

  • Adverts & classified prices 

  • Subscription offers deals

  • Method of sales/distribution  

  • Circulation figures

  • Advertising & marketing executive contacts

  • Editorials contact details and much more

This data collection of high level and accurate industry information, (all available for free), has never been complied in the UK before and cannot be found anywhere else in the UK.  Not even online.  You can have access to clearly laid out and easy to read data for all your advertising and marketing needs, whilst boosting the British print media.

Print Version & PDF Available in August 2020

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Available March 2021

Print Version & PDF Available in August 2020